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Wiggins Own, Douglas Speight, Named One of AMT’s 40 Under 40 Winners

Here at Wiggins, lots of our employees work behind the scenes to keep our boxes moving and our aircraft flying every day. While we always recognize the value of our employees, it’s extra special when they’re recognized industry-wide, too! Douglas Speight, a senior mechanic at Wiggins, was recently named a 2023 AMT 40 under 40 Maintenance Professional winner.

Doug has been a mechanic at Wiggins for 10 years, an inspector for five, and at only 30 years old, he says he feels proud to be someone the company can rely on at such a young age.

“I like to consider myself one of the ‘self-proclaimed’ engine guys. I’m always willing to give a helping hand or help with the knowledge and tricks I’ve learned over the years,” he said.

The 40 under 40 AMT award is given each year to the industry’s best and brightest up-and-comers making a difference in aircraft maintenance. Winners come from all over the world with various jobs in the maintenance industry ranging from general aviation to warbirds, helicopter air evac and everything in between.

When considering nominations for the award, AMT looks for job commitment, industry involvement, achievements, contributions, and/ or innovations to the aviation industry.

“I believe he [Doug] is one of the best mechanics I know of any age. He has always impressed me with his technical skills, his drive to learn, his natural mechanical aptitude, and his great work ethic. When you add these skills to the genuine kindness he shows towards others and his willingness to help us all out whenever we need anything, you have one of the best employees we have ever had,” added Myriah Carreiro, mechanic lead, Wiggins Airways.

We at Wiggins are proud to have had Doug on our team for the past 10 years! Doug plays an integral role in our operation, and we look forward to having him on our team for many years to come.

“My favorite aspect of work is the challenge it brings. You never really know what tomorrow will bring, could always be something new,” said Douglas.

Congrats, Doug! 🎉


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