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Larry Schaedel

Larry began his piloting career as a Marine Corps aviator and was most recently a United Airlines captain. Along the way he’s piloted a range of aircraft from the BE1900 to the B-757 and MD-11. He brings to Wiggins a wealth of vital experience as Chief Pilot and Director of Operations in Part 135, developing processes and procedures, interfacing with the FAA, and safety management.

Sandy Smith

Sandy Smith, Board of Directors, has been in the shipping business for over 20 years. Driven by an innate sense of adventure, she enjoys traveling the world (New York and Paris being her favorite destinations). To relax, Sandy likes reading and spending time with her daughters and two Maltese puppies.

Delivering More Than Cargo
“It all starts with our people. A best-in-class group of pilots, mechanics, administrative and operations professionals who dedicate each and every day to Delivering More Than Cargo.”

Jim Martell

Jim Martell, Ameriflight Owner and Chairman, has been in the business for 25+ years. He has held board membership and ownership of 12 shipping companies throughout his career. To get from Point A to Point B, Jim prefers flying or riding his motorcycles.

Delivering More Than Cargo
“It’s about a talented group of people bringing bold thinking and the highest standards to the entire priority cargo experience—from customer support to handling cargo to on-time delivery.”

Paul Chase

Paul Chase, Chief Executive Officer, joined the Ameriflight team in 2018, bringing an extensive background in aviation that includes a unique blend of airline operations, logistics experience, and business management. Paul is a results-oriented executive known for successfully managing airline operations with a focus on safety, continuous improvement, and employee engagement. He’s highly regarded for delivering best in class aircraft reliability, on-time performance, and customer experience.

Before joining Ameriflight, Paul served Amazon as their Senior Manager of Aviation Operations. Notably, he was a key leader in Amazon Air’s launch team and created Amazon’s first-ever aviation operations department supporting air carrier management, network control, technical operations, and aircraft acquisition strategy. Paul also worked at Southern Air for nearly 10 years where he held leadership positions such as Director, Vice President, and ultimately COO. While there, he led Flight Operations, Ground Operations, Aircraft Maintenance, System Operations, Safety, Human Resources, and Finance. Paul’s significant accomplishments also include establishing global 777-200F freighter service in support of DHL and leading Southern Air’s 737-400 aircraft certification team.

“It’s an honor to join such a storied, industry-leading company,” said Paul. “As I have gotten to know the team, it has become very clear to me that Ameriflight is deeply passionate about Delivering More Than Cargo day in and day out on every level. As CEO, my intention is to grow Ameriflight through innovative solutions for our customers while ensuring safety stays at the top of everyone’s mind. I’m a strong believer in creating a positive employee experience. Taking care of our employees will in turn take care of our customers.”

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