Base: PBG
State: New York
Aircraft: CE208 & EMB-110


Our operation out of Plattsburgh serve both of our partners, FedEx and UPS. We operate EMB-110’s for UPS and a C208’s for FedEx. The typical schedules for each freight-forwarder is as follows:

On the UPS-side, we operate a five day schedule (Monday evening through Saturday morning), which overnights at an outlying station (Syracuse), then returns to Plattsburgh the following morning. The fifth day of the run (Friday evening into Saturday morning) is subject to a rotation schedule among a pool of our pilots, to provide relief to the line-holder out of Plattsburgh.

On the FedEx-side, we operate a four day schedule (Monday evening through Friday morning), which also overnights at an outlying station (Albany), then returns back to Plattsburgh the following morning. Wiggins provides hotel accommodations for our pilots at outlying stations. Whether you are starting your career, re-entering the field or not quite ready to retire, we would love to speak to you about joining the Wiggins team.

Plattsburgh is located in upstate New York, and was founded in 1785. Plattsburgh is an alluring area with its historical roots, and is a wonderful place for those who love to explore the outdoors! Conveniently located along The Adirondack Coast, Plattsburgh provides a wide array of activities and nightlife during all seasons.

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