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About Us

We Fly With Purpose

Whether we’re dealing with cargo or careers, our mission is to move. You won’t find a single idle hand at Wiggins. Our minds and bodies are always busy solving problems—and that’s the way we like it.

No matter what it takes, we deliver on time with safety in mind. Our pilots, mechanics, and ground crews are trained to handle anything that comes their way in order to get the job done.

We are quick to take the route less traveled, always searching for opportunities to help others along the way. Our employees work with a sense of purpose, knowing that they’re delivering necessities, supplies, and aid to those who live off the beaten path.

Responsible Teams and Safe Employees

Safety lives at the top of our checklist. In fact, we have a dedicated in-house safety department for that very reason. We firmly believe that safe employees are better able to support the operation, are performance driven, and are highly efficient. The foundation of our safety culture is built upon four pillars – safety policy, risk management, safety assurance, and safety promotion.

Wiggins’ safety policy starts with commitment from the leadership of our company to protect the health and safety of all employees. Our employees adhere to the policy by performing all of their duties with a genuine concern for safety, not just for themselves, but for the safety of their fellow employees and the safety of property and equipment. Our safety policy sets the standard for the entire company.

Managing risk is a vital part of our safety culture. Our risk management process includes immunity based hazard reporting that encourages employees to report safety concerns that they encounter on the job. Our Safety Department assesses the level of risk associated with each hazard and investigates the root cause to determine how best to reduce, mitigate, or eliminate that risk.

We use the safety assurance pillar to evaluate how effective our risk control strategies are. This is accomplished through various audits and different safety programs such as ASAP [Aviation Safety Action Program] and CASS [Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System]. The safety assurance pillar also helps us actively track corrective actions to ensure they have been implemented properly and in a timely manner.

Promoting safety involves everyone. We promote safety throughout all of our training programs and also through our Safety Team, which is comprised of employees based at every location and involves every department. The team meets regularly and is engaged in looking for ways to improve safety at each location. We also have fun with our Safety Team through contests that help remind us to think Safety Above All!

Aspiring Higher

Wiggins Airways is New England’s Premier Aviation Service Organization. While we are proud of what we’ve accomplished, we never forget that every victory is rooted in the strength of our entire team. From our management team, shown here, to our 600+ employees across the two companies, on the ground and in the air, each member plays an integral part in ensuring our success.

Alan Rusinowitz Chief Executive Officer
Jim Martell Owner and Chairman
Sandy Smith Co-Chairman