Wiggins Airways owns and operates 29 C-208 Cessna Caravans,10 Beechcraft BE-99s, 3 Embraer EMB-110s and one Cessna 402C principally employed in support of cargo operations, operating throughout the Northeastern US and Canada. In addition a Beechcraft King Air A100 is available for passenger charter.

Our King Air A100 is certified for passenger operation. The BE-99s, EMB-110s and C-208s are certified for Cargo only and are equipped with GPS and Cargo Doors.

We currently employ some 60 pilots, all of whom are highly experienced in IFR flight conditions. They are dispatched by our 24 hour per day flight following department. All aircraft are IFR equipped and certified for flight in known icing.

Wiggins Airways holds FAA Air Carrier Certificate AXSA-325C and Canadian Foreign Air Carrier Operator Certificate F-1184.

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