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FBO Spotlight - Wiggins Airways - Manchester, New Hampshire (MHT)

(from NATA Arrival Times vol.IV, Issue 7 July 2008)

The Manchester Boston Regional Airport, conveniently located in Southern New Hampshire, offers a great central access point to historic Boston, the serene seashore, the majestic mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, and the Route 128 high-technology corridor. Its relative position allows it to offer convenient all-weather access for travelers visiting the region or transiting the Atlantic. Most important, the people of Wiggins Airways make visitors feel welcome in this beautiful area.

Founded in 1929, Wiggins Airways has been at the forefront of aviation growth in the Northeast since its inception. Beginning with scheduled passenger flights, Wiggins Airways has grown to encompass such diverse operations as scheduled and charter cargo flight operations, passenger charter operations, and FBO operations.

In 1997, Wiggins Airways bought Stead Aviation at the Manchester Airport. At that time, the airport was a sleepy community that had just built a sparkling new passenger terminal to attract new airlines to the region. Nicknamed the "Queen City," Manchester was beginning to attract a more diverse population from neighboring states to the South. The Wiggins Airways management group had the foresight to realize that Manchester was a hidden gem in the region.

Upon relocating the company to Manchester, Wiggins Airways embarked on a project to build a general aviation terminal that would rival the beauty and user friendliness of the airline terminal. Completed in 1999, the general aviation terminal is a gleaming, modern structure that welcomes customers to Manchester. The facility boasts all of the amenities of the larger airports while offering the friendliness of Southern New Hampshire.

The explosive growth of the Manchester Airport began in 1998. The amount of airline traffic growth was unprecedented in the Northeast. Cognizant of the fact that a vibrant FBO must adjust to customer needs, Wiggins Airways embarked on a project to create an airline services facility to service their needs. In doing so, Wiggins Airways leadership realized that the needs of general aviation are not the same as the airlines. Opening in 2004, the airline services facility allowed Wiggins Airways to concentrate on the divergent needs of the two groups. Able to store over 500,000 gallons of fuel, Wiggins Airways can serve the needs of any customer. Their goal is to treat all customers as they deserve to be treated.

In 2006, the name of the airport was changed to the Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT). The name change was a nod to the growing role that MHT had in the Northeast airway system. MHT is now a vibrant reliever airport for the Boston area. Airport improvements in the last three years have added Cat III approaches, long cross-runways, and U.S. Customs. They offer 24-hour customer service, a modern deicing fleet, any size aircraft charter handling, and a new fueling fleet. Teaming with the airport, Wiggins Airways is proud to service all customers crossing the Atlantic, as well as those whose final destination is the Boston and Southern New Hampshire areas. Their people are their greatest asset. Wiggins Airways grew around flight operations; therefore, their people know what their customers demand. Their people, their service, and their facility set them apart from their counterparts in the Northeast. Their goal is to make their customers feel at home. They offer Southern New Hampshire charm with New England efficiency. Whether transiting the Atlantic or visiting the area, the people of Wiggins Airways will make you want to return.

Wiggins Airways, Inc. Gains TSA Program Acceptance

Manchester NH: Wiggins Airways Incorporated, the Fixed Based Operator at the Manchester Boston Regional Airport recently gained acceptance into the Transportation Security Administration Program to Restore General Aviation at the Washington Reagan National Airport.  Under this program, any general aviation aircraft arriving at the Washington Reagan National Airport must undergo special security arrangements at one of 17 specified departure airports.  The Manchester Boston Regional Airport will serve as one of the authorized departure airports.  Wiggins Airways will provide trained personnel and a specialized facility to allow the Transportation Security Administration to perform the security protocol required under this program. 

Wiggins Airways’ President James H. Thomforde states: “we are proud to partner with the Transportation Security Administration and the ManchesterBoston Regional Airport to provide a secure gateway allowing general aviation to once again flourish in the Washington area.  Our customers requested we join this program and we are happy to offer this service enhancement to our loyal customer base.”  A general overview of this program is located at: http://www.tsa.gov/press/releases/2005/press_release_0600.shtm

Additional details for general aviation operators may be found at http://www.tsa.gov.

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